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Kris Daw, MS, MBA

As a scientist transformed to product manager and MBA, Kris’s proficiency is the melding of business, technology and science. His focus is developing market insight and transforming it into successful competitive strategies for products, brands, and businesses.


Kris started out teaching science and coaching, and attained a PhD (ABD) in Kinesiology. His technical background combined with a keen ability to listen and recommend solutions landed him in medical marketing, where he’s been for 20+ years. His analytical skills, honed in research, are at their best for understanding market research and complex business channels. His comprehensive understanding of the business situation leads to business and marketing strategies that are achievable by executive, marketing and engineering teams.


Kris has been instrumental in launching more than 20 new medical devices across many medical disciplines including diagnostic imaging, orthopedics, and neurodiagnostics.

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